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Talapatram FAQ

Here is information regarding some of the doubts that might arise regarding the software.

What is 'Talapatram'?

Talapatram is a Virtual Keyboard software which lets you TYPE DIRECTLY in any of the Indian Languages provided in it. While typing you will have On-Screen Keyboard Layout of that language for reference and for easy typing. For example, if you want to type

रामा और सीता


रामा और सीता

in Hindi using Talapatram. And you will have on-screen keyboard layout for Hindi. There are other types of softwares called transliterators and these softwares require you to type Hindi in English, which is not natural. For example, in a transliterator, if you want to type

रामा और सीता

you have to type 'rAmA aur sIta', which is totally unnatural. Talapatram is not like that. It is a Virtual Keyboard for the language that you want to type in.

"Entering text DIRECTLY in a language is the natural way of entering text in that language". And Talapatram is precisely this. It lets you enter data (type) in any of the Indian Languages DIRECTLY, which is the most natural and best way of typing, in any language.

What does 'Talapatram' mean?

The word Talapatram is a Sanskrit word refering to dried 'palm leaves' which are used in ancient times to write scriptures in Eastern countries like India and China. Dried 'palm leaves' are the first ever distinct items to have content written on them which are used just like papers now a days. They formed the first ever formal base for transfering knowledge academically and administerially, for human race. 'Talapatram' is a singular word. A bunch of stripped, trimmed and dried palm leaves were bundled together with a thread and used as books to write on them. 'Patram' in sanskrit means a 'leaf'. 'Tala' is the act of writing and hence the name 'Talapatra' or 'Talapatram'. Because they are dried leaves, if letters that we write on them have more straight lines there is a high risk that leaves might tear off. This is one of the many reasons why all Indian language scripts are curly. This curliness also gives these scripts a very beautiful and charming look.

As this is the software which displays and lets you type in almost all of the widely used Indian Languages, it is named 'Talapatram'.

What fonts are necessary to be on the PC for Talapatram to run on it?

Windows XP(SP2) ships with all the default Unicode fonts for all languages that a computer can support. However a particular installation might not contain all the font files (.ttf) necessary. Here is a 'List' of 'Language-Windows Font File' combinations for all Indian Languages that can be used with Talapatram.

  • Bengali - Vrinda
  • Gujarati - Shruti
  • Hindi, Marathi - Mangal
  • Kannada - Tunga
  • Malayalam - Kartika
  • Punjabi - Raavi
  • Tamil - Latha
  • Telugu - Gautami
  • Urdu, Farsi - Times New Roman and many more

You can check if you have them on your PC or not, by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Fonts. If any particular 'Font File' is absent in your PC then you have to get it from your OS installation CD. But normally all PCs which come with XP pre-installed, will have all of these fonts in them. You just have to Enable Supplemental Language Support for your system to support text processing of various Indian Language fonts.

How to TURN ON (Enable) Supplemental Language Support?

Supplemental Language Support is by default not enabled in Windows. It has to be Enabled explicitly. This functionality adds system's support to process text with complex scripts. Eg., Hebrew, Indian Languages, Thai and others. This support includes ability to input text using standard UK/US English Keyboards.

For a step-by-step procedure on Enabling this feature, please follow this link.

My Liabilities.

Talapatram comes with EULA type of license. This means the application 'Talapatram' is only intended to be used by the 'User'. The 'User' is the one who puchases directly from 'me' (personally or through website - PayPal is reference). Application cannot be distributed by 'User' in any means and to anyone. It can only be installed on machines that the 'User' owns.

Also this license means I provide full online technical support for you to use this software and solve any difficulties that you might have in using this software. It has been tested thoroughly and meets all the basic requirements of a commercial software. It is very highly UNLIKELY that Talapatram causes any data/property loss on the computer on which it is used. But incase if that happens, I will not take any responsibility to the damages that the software might cause to any physical/abstract property. This property can be in any form and in any shape and can be related to 'User' in any manner or terms. I do not hold responsibility for the loss of that property. Whether it be Data Loss, System Crash and any other fault whatsoever. It is upto the 'User' to use the software at his/her own risk. Support is only available and limited to the functioning of the software.

I try to provide the best support that I can. But my support is limited only upto the functioning of the software. I do not entertain/provide any other form of support other than which is limited to the software.

License Terms and Conditions.

Talapatram comes with EULA (End User License Agreement) with which you should agree, to use Talapatram on your PC. While installing Talapatram you will get an option to read License and agree to it. By installing Talapatram on your PC you 'Agree' with my terms and conditions as mentioned in the License.

Want to use?

Using Talapatram,

  • You can have on-screen keyboard layouts for all, most widely used, Indian Languages.

  • You can switch between different languages' keyboard layouts INSTANTLY.

  • You can Type, Edit and Save text.

  • You can Type and Save text in more than one Indian Languages with on-screen keyboard layouts.

  • You can simply Copy the text you typed and Paste it in any other application for further processing. Eg., MS-Word.

  • You can save text from Talapatram in simple text files with UTF-8 encoding (cross-platform Unicode encoding).


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