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Supplemental Language Support is a Windows Built-In functionality which adds your system's support for all Indian Languages (including right-left languages like Urdu and Farsi). When this is Turned ON your system will support dealing with all types of complex fonts. These fonts basically form of Indian Languages, Hebrew, etc.

It is a very very simple procedure which is not enabled by default when you install Windows XP on your PC. So, it has to be done explicitly on any PC on which you want to use Indian Language Fonts.

Simple Steps To Follow

For further solutions please follow this link or contact me.

Want to use?

Using Talapatram,

  • You can have on-screen keyboard layouts for all, most widely used, Indian Languages.

  • You can switch between different languages' keyboard layouts INSTANTLY.

  • You can Type, Edit and Save text.

  • You can Type and Save text in more than one Indian Languages with on-screen keyboard layouts.

  • You can simply Copy the text you typed and Paste it in any other application for further processing. Eg., MS-Word.

  • You can save text from Talapatram in simple text files with UTF-8 encoding (cross-platform Unicode encoding).


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