Mr. Rama Aravind Vorray
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Rama Vorray, Gerard O'Driscoll, Anthony Steed, Reverse Engineering Polygonal Meshes Using Discrete Differential Geometry, Computer Aided Design & Applications, 5(1-4), 2008, pp 86-98. View PDF

R.A Vorray, V Grau, H Becher, J.A Noble, HeartBeAT, A tool to compare and align 3D cardiac datasets of different imaging modalities, European Journal of Echocardiography, Vol.6-S1, December 2005, pp. S115. [ABS]

V Rama Aravind, VICON Volume Visualization, MSc Dissertation, Department of Computer Science, The University of Hull, Hull, UK, August 2004. View PDF

V Rama Aravind, Open Loop Computer Control Systems - Interfacing a Small User Guidable Program Operated Tram to a Personal Computer, B.E. Project Report, Department of Computer Science, Dr. N.N.College of Engineering (University of Madras), TN, India, April 2003. View PDF

V Rama Aravind, Energy and Sustainable Development - Emerging Challenges for Young Engineers, Sixth IE(I) Convocation Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India), October 31 - November 1, 1998.

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